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No jargon here, just plain English to understand the process.

Whether you are buying a home to live in or a property to rent, you have obligations to ensure that the structure of the property you are purchasing is insured against such risks as fire, flood, storm, and subsidence. It is also prudent to ensure that you have cover in place for your contents.

In addition to protecting your property, you also need to think of protecting yourself and your family against the risks of death, critical illness and loss of income through accident, sickness or redundancy. If you are lucky enough to be offered some form of protection through your employer than this can help reduce the overall cost of protection that you may wish have in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Life Cover

This is a policy that gives your family (or dedicated person) a lump sum in the event of your death. This means that your loved ones can have a financial security during a very challenging and distressing time.

We will complete a full assessment of your needs and design a package that is right for you and your family.

Critical Illness

This policy pays out a lump sum should you become seriously ill. The payment will give you different options if you are unable to work, need a private medical assistance or you have to make some changes to your home to accommodate your needs.

Unfortunately 1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. It’s important to protect yourself and your family.

Income Protection

This protection can provide a monthly tax free income if you are unable to work for a certain amount of time. The sudden loss of income could cause a distraction in your life. You could struggle to keep up with your bills.

Income protection provides you and your family with financial security.

Private Medical Insurance

Private medical medical insurance is often known as PMI, or more simply ‘health insurance’. It pays for private treatment if you fall ill. Standard PMI policies cover essential treatments, including surgery, consultations, nursing and hospital care. They won’t cover drug addiction, cosmetic surgery, ‘regular’ pregnancy or incurable conditions.

It also doesn’t provide an alternative to your local accident and emergency (A&E) department’s services. Comprehensive PMI policies offer additional benefits, ranging from complementary medicine to new cancer drugs and treatments unavailable on the NHS.

PMI allows you to receive fast-track consultations and private treatment for short-term, curable medical problems. You’ll either be treated privately in an NHS hospital or be booked into a private hospital.

Private Medical Insurance will be dealt with via referral and no advice will be given by Mortgage Resolution.

Business Protection

Business protection insurance protects a company financially when its owners or employees are affected by illness or death. It can help support owners in making sure their business survives in challenging times. Your clients already understand the need to protect their business premises and equipment. However, many forget about their most valuable asset – their staff.

The death or critical illness of a key employee or co-owner can seriously impact on a business, financially as well as the loss of key knowledge. Business protection can help ensure the long term financial health of the business during difficult circumstances.

Contact us if you’re looking for advisers who can handle this efficiently for you.

Business Protection will be dealt with via referral and no advice will be given by Mortgage Resolution.

Building & Contents Insurance

When insuring your home, you normally need two policies: one for the building itself and another for its contents. If you have a mortgage, your lender will insist you take out buildings insurance. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home (walls, windows, roof etc) as well as permanent fixtures and fittings, such as baths, toilets and fitted kitchens.

The amount of cover you need is the cost of rebuilding your home, which should include the cost of demolition (if needed), clearing the site, and architects’ and builders’ fees. The rebuilding cost is not the same as the market value of your home. If you have recently applied for a mortgage the rebuild cost will be covered in the valuation carried out on the property. Other policies may provide a standard level of cover i.e. up to £1million.

We are independent and can provide you with a range of options.

Landlords Insurance

Landlord insurance is a combination of different covers designed to protect a landlord. It is sometimes also known as buy-to-let insurance. It provides financial protection for landlords renting a property to tenants. It can help protect your property from all sorts of risks that come along with being a landlord, from careless tenants to general maintenance and emergency household faults.

Most mortgage providers will insist you have landlord insurance in place if you’re buying a property to let it out. Don’t rely on ordinary home insurance either, as generally you won’t be covered if you rent out your house or flat. It won’t cover things like unpaid rent or malicious damage caused by a tenant – all things that can be added to a landlord insurance policy.

If you’re renting out a leasehold flat in a block of flats, it’s likely that the freeholder may already have arranged buildings insurance but it is worth checking.

We managed to get our first home with help of Mortgage Resolution. Our mortgage advisor was Magdalena. She did brilliant job finding us a mortgage deal and sort out all insurances.

I cannot thank Magda enough for helping us in securing our mortgage as first time buyer. Magda is always available for advise. alleviating any worries we have and she was with us throughout the whole process until completion.

I was delighted with the friendly advice I received from Magda at every stage of process. especially when things didn’t go to the plan she was very supportive. As first time buyer Magda made the process simple and easy to understand.

I am honestly amazed from the professionalism and responsiveness of Magda. She was able to secure our mortgage with a very good rate when our previous mortgage broker completely messed up our case by entering incorrect surname.